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Frank Lampard admits it ‘feels good’ to beat Jose Mourinho as Chelsea win at Tottenham, reacts to Antonio Rudiger incident

Frank Lampard has admitted it felt good to emerge victorious against his old boss Jose Mourinho on Sunday afternoon.

The apprentice defeated his old master as Chelsea ran out 2-0 winners at Tottenham, thanks to two goals from Willian.

Lampard celebrated wildly in front of the away fans after the final whistle
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When asked if the victory was made sweeter by his relationship with the opposition boss, Lampard told reporters: “He said before he wants to beat me, I kind of said that the other day.

“So I think in terms of how much I respect him as a manager, what he’s done, what he did for me and the very strong Tottenham side that he has, then it feels good.

“But more importantly it feels good for Chelsea because we’ve had a tough time and now the players have shown what they can do when they’re at it, when they fight, when they’re strong, when they’re confident and brave.

“And our fans saw that, so that’s why we celebrated pretty strong at the end of the game. But it doesn’t mean anything going forwards, we’ve accomplished nothing yet.”

Mourinho became frustrated during the game as his side lost their discipline
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The game was marred by an incident in which Chelsea defender Antonio Rudiger was subjected to alleged racist abuse from the crowd.

Lampard explained in the immediate aftermath: “Unfortunately I haven’t spoken to him [Rudiger] individually.

“I’m aware he heard some racist chanting, Azpilicueta was around as well speaking to the authorities, whatever you want to call it, protocol was used.

“And obviously I will support Toni on that completely, but I don’t know enough facts.

“And I would support anybody on that, whether it was our player, another player, at any stadium. That’s how we are at Chelsea.”


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