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England wicket-keeper Jos Buttler apologises for swearing at Vernon Philander but questions whether stump mics should be turned on

England wicket-keeper Jos Buttler has issued an apology for swearing at Vernon Philander during their second Test against South Africa.

Stump mics picked up Buttler calling Philander a ‘f***ing kn*bhead’ as England desperately searched for a win in Cape Town.

Buttler was fuming with Philander as England desperately searched for the win
Sky Sports Cricket

Philander, who eventually fell to Ben Stokes, had proved stubborn at the crease and tempers began to flare as time ran out.

Buttler took exception to Philander refusing to get out of the way of a throw over the stumps as he looked to resume the match as quickly as possible.

The glovesman launched a furious verbal tirade at the South African, who appeared confused.

Buttler could be heard shouting ‘f***ing move’ before Sky Sports commentator Mike Atherton was forced to apologise to viewers moments later.

He has since taken the opportunity to apologise himself, admitting he needs to behave better as a role model.

Buttler admits he should not have lost it in the way he did

Buttler told talkSPORT’s Andrew McKenna: “I’ve played for a few years now where the mics have been on and turned up and I’d like to apologise.

“I know as a role model it’s not a great thing to have come across on the TV and it’s a bit out of order. I hold my hands up there.”

However, Buttler also suggested that there are things that often get said in the heat of the moment on the cricket pitch and he and his fellow professionals would prefer it if the stump mics weren’t turned up.

He added: “But with the stump mics I think it’s an interesting debate. It obviously adds to the viewership to get a bit of insight at what goes on.

“There’s a sort of cricket code and the players would quite like it to be off.

“It doesn’t mean you can say things out of order but of course in the heat of the moment things you’d like to stay on the field can stay on the field.”

England did eventually win the second Test thanks to a late flurry of wickets in the final session of the final day.

This leaves the four-match series tied at 1-1 going into the third Test which begins on Thursday.

England did eventually win the second Test meaning they’re level in the series
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Buttler went on to say that he and his teammates are feeling confident going into the match in Port Elizabeth.

He said: “It’s huge for both teams. It’s set up brilliantly being 1-1 in the series and coming here full of confidence.

“A lot of guys can take confidence through playing really well at Cape Town and it’s sure to be another great Test.”

Listen to the full Jos Buttler interview above!

Every match of the tour will be live on the talkSPORT network and you can catch exclusive commentary of the third Test on talkSPORT 2.

You can listen to all the action by clicking here or clicking the radio player below.


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