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Boxing news: Billy Joe Saunders taunts Chris Eubank Jr after finding out his house was burgled


Billy Joe Saunders has shown no sympathy for Chris Eubank Jr after hearing about his house being broken into.

Eubank Jr posted a video to social media on Thursday in which he revealed he had been burgled.

Chris Eubank Jr was beaten by Billy Joe Saunders in 2014
The pair remain rivals and are yet to rematch

The Brighton middleweight disappointedly revealed that he lost numerous items of clothing after his back window was smashed in for the thieves to gain entry.

The due went through numerous rooms in his house seemingly taking a variety of items they felt would bring a decent financial return.

However, Eubank Jr mocked them for missing out on some of his most valuable possessions, including a stunning watch that was in the pocket of a jacket they had tossed aside.

He also posted CCTV of the incident.

Upon finding out about the situation, Eubank Jr’s old rival Saunders took to social media to taunt him.

In a tweet to Eubank Jr’s promoters he said, “PBC, please sort your fighter a date out.

“He is now committing fake insurance claims which is fraud in the UK.”

Traveller Saunders followed up with a second tweet claiming someone had broken into his home too, with a picture of a smashed up caravan.




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