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5 Things You Need To Know About The Nike React Gato

Nike React Gato Futsal Shoes

There is a new futsal specific boot on the market, and it is the most tech advanced small sided shoe we have ever seen! The Nike React Gato takes the extremely successful Gato series to an entirely new level, improving player touch on the ball and enhancing abrasion resistance zones that can move and stretch around your foot.

Already available to buy, we wanted to break down some of the key talking points (and features) of the new shoe.

1 – The Nike React Gato is designed specifically for futsal players and leverages a trio of innovative technologies — Nike Touch360, Nike Flyknit and Nike React — to promote fluid movement, durability and comfort.

2 – The boot’s design is informed by studies in the Nike Sports Research Lab (NSRL) that recorded a library of futsal moves and gathered data on the directional forces at play while players control the ball. The research is all about enhancing touch and improving control in the fast-paced, tightly-spaced, small-sided game.
During a 40-minute futsal match, the number of touches, shots on goal and meters covered per minute by each player exceeds those in an 11-player, 90-minute match. There are four times the touches, twice as many shots, and, on average, four times as many goals scored. These statistics are indicative of a game that requires players to adapt quickly — skill is defined by a creative mix of individuality, style and muscle memory — and play fast.

3 – The Nike React Gato’s three innovative technologies are highlighted by a new outsole tooling and resistant upper. Nike Touch360 features flexible “touch pods” that function like pistons, allowing wearers to feel the ball. The touch pods are placed where pressure-mapping shows primary underfoot touch points and are designed to give players a better sense of where the ball is underfoot. This promotes a heads-up play mode that allows for faster reactions on the pitch, negating the need to look down at your feet. A secondary benefit to the tooling is multidirectional traction to support quick cuts and sharp movements.

Nike React Gato Indoor Shoes

4 – The Nike React Gato’s upper employs a Flyknit construction incorporating a new yarn proprietary to Nike. This material combines the soft feel associated with Flyknit with increased durability. It creates discrete raised areas, forming a texture with great ball feel, and protection from abrasion. An additional toe cap also helps players unleash quick toe-punt shots on goal.

5 – As much as they are advertised as being a futsal specific shoe, know that they are a lot more versatile than that. You will basically be able to wear them on any court or street surface, with the boot’s third core technology, Nike React foam, provides long-lasting comfort on all surfaces.

The first release in the series, featuring a White/Bright Crimson colorway, is now available to buy at They come with a $139.99 price tag, which considering the amount of research and development involved is actually pretty reasonable!

Nike React Gato Shoe Review

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