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MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko has spotted ‘gaps’ in Khabib’s game which Conor McGregor could exploit


MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko believes Khabib Nurmagomedov must work on the ‘gaps’ in his striking technique.

The UFC lightweight champion is widely considered to be the most dominant and aggressive fighter in the history of the lightweight division.

Khabib Nurmagomedov’s striking has long been seen as his weakness
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Khabib has a chance to assert this dominance when he takes on Tony Ferguson on April 18 at UFC 249 in Brooklyn in a fight many believe will confirm who the best in the world is at 155lbs.

Logic suggests that ‘The Eagle’ will get Ferguson to the canvas and drive him to the cage but, as always, there are questions marks over the Russian’s striking techniques and whether or not the challenger can exploit them.

Although Khabib’s sambo style of wrestling and grappling has rendered all 28 of his professional MMA opponents helpless, his striking leaves a lot to be desired and is seen as the one area opponents can exploit.

As a sambo practitioner himself, former Bellator heavyweight champion Fedor told Russian news agency how Khabib improving his striking technique will cement his legacy as the best in the world.

Fedor Emelianenko successfully combined sambo and striking to become a MMA legend
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“Khabib has found his style, wins by using his strengths,” Emelianenko said. “That’s good because he is a UFC champion and uses his strengths.

“In these elements he stands above his rivals.

“However, Khabib must, of course, patch the gaps in his technique. For example; in the technique of punches and kicks.

“But he also does everything right. He also has time to polish these techniques to become even better.”

Conor McGregor wants a second shot at his former foe in 2020
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UFC president Dana White has confirmed the winner of this historic fight in April is likely to result in a lucrative bout with Conor McGregor later in the year.

A world-class striker, McGregor cited a broken foot as the reason he was unable to land a meaningful blow on the Russian when the pair faced off in October 2018.

But after returning to full fitness and re-centring his focus with a brutal KO of Donald Cerrone, the words of ‘The Last Emperor’ will certainly rankle with the Irishman as he angles for a rematch with the UFC lightweight champion.



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