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What are the Premier League winter break games this weekend? How many rest days does each club have? Fixture dates and kick-off times confirmed


The first ever Premier League winter break has now begun, making English football history in the process.

Managers and players lamented their workloads over the hectic festive schedule with teams playing a huge number of matches in quick succession.

Jurgen Klopp’s Premier League leaders Liverpool will welcome a winter break

England’s top-flight clubs will now break for a weekend off in February, giving each side some time to rest.

It will be a brand new feature of the Premier League season and here’s what it’ll mean for the top-flight’s teams.

When is the mid-season break?

For the first time in top-flight history, the Premier League will have a mid-season break this term.

The decision for this was taken after consultations between the Premier League, the Football Association and the Football League in June 2018.

There were initial fears that a winter break would take place during the long-held tradition of the packed Christmas schedule but those worries haven’t come to fruition with the slight hiatus happening later in the season.

It was instead scheduled to be held over two weekends in February 2020.

How does the Premier League winter break work?

Most top-flight leagues across Europe stop for a winter or mid-season break of some kind.

While the Premier League has held off for years, pressure from players and clubs about workload has led to the decision to roll out a new-look February rest.

Instead of all football stopping for a two week period, the set of fixtures will be split across two weekends.

There will be four games played on Saturday 8 and 9 with the remaining six fixtures held the following Friday to Monday.

There will be no 3pm games on either Saturday due to TV schedules.

The final match of the 2019/20 winter break is Chelsea vs Manchester United on Monday, February 17, with a full round of Premier League fixtures being played on the weekend of February 22 and 23.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Manchester United take on Chelsea at the end of the winter break
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What are the winter break fixtures?

Week commencing February 3

Everton 3-1 Crystal Palace (Saturday, February 8 – 12:30pm)

Brighton 1-1 Watford (Saturday, February 8 – 5:30pm)

Sheffield United 2-1 Bournemouth (Sunday, February 9 – 2pm)

Man City P-P West Ham (Sunday, February 9 – 4:30pm)

Week commencing February 10

Wolves vs Leicester (Friday, February 14 – 8pm)

Southampton vs Burnley (Saturday, February 15 – 12:30pm)

Norwich vs Liverpool (Saturday, February 15 – 5:30pm)

Aston Villa vs Tottenham (Sunday, February 16 – 2pm)

Arsenal vs Newcastle (Sunday, February 16 – 4:30pm)

Chelsea vs Manchester United (Monday, February 17 – 8pm)

How many rest days does each club get?

Arsenal: February 3 – 15 (13 days)
Aston Villa: February 2 – 15 (14 days)
Bournemouth: February 10 – 21 (12 days)
Brighton: February 9 – 21 (13 days)
Burnley: February 3 – 14 (12 days)
Chelsea: February 2 – 17 (16 days)
Crystal Palace: February 9 – 21 (13 days)
Everton: February 9 – 22 (14 days)
Leicester: February 2 – 14 (13 days)
Liverpool: February 5 – 14 (10 days)
Man City: February 10 – 21 (12 days)
Man United: February 2 – 17 (16 days)
Newcastle: February 5 – 15 (11 days)
Norwich: February 2 – 15 (14 days)
Sheffield United: February 10 – 21 (12 days)
Southampton: February 6 – 14 (9 days)
Tottenham: February 6 – 15 (10 days)
Watford: February 9 – 22 (14 days)
West Ham: February 10 – 23 (14 days)
Wolves: February 2 – 13 (12 days)

*Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton and Tottenham have reduced rest periods as they had FA Cup fourth-round replays scheduled during the Premier League winter break



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